Ponsel Sony Ericsson T700

 Ponsel Sony Ericsson T700
I would like to review my new Sony Ericsson T700. This phone is a camera that is good in the exquisite design of internal memory is small, poor business features.

 Ponsel Sony Ericsson T700

The design is similar to a mobile phone Sony Ericsson T610 or T650 SE concept. Coloring the cover composition, structure and keypad are not much different. However, the use of metallic materials, aluminum and plastic materials in the "Sony Ericsson T700" a little better. Slim dimensions measured over, with a thickness of 1 cm. But, compared with the SE W880, still a little thicker.

In the d-pad, we'll be navigating the typical style of the series "K". where the call / end call hiding between Softkey and stick out less. The difference is, the back of Sony Ericsson is no longer appropriate. Instead, Sony Ericsson T700 embed key activities as a shortcut to a menu favorite. Carefully enough.

New problems will arise when using the digital keys. Although the distance between the keys is quite thin, but a small digital future makes the process of typing a message, especially for large fingers you have.

As the generation of 'Take and Snap', Sony Ericsson T700 has put a camera shutter button in a perfect position. That is the proper body and is suitable for images in landscape mode. It is like a digital pocket camera. Have you ever felt difficulty when opening the battery cover? In a smart, mobile phones special Knob instill in the upper body left and right as the cover panel / battery opening. Just as the W890's.

Display and User Interface

"Sony Ericsson T700" has a standard screen size, which is 2 inches. Picture resolution is for the mobile middle class, 240 × 320 pixels (QVGA). Good news, 262,144-color active matrix display T700 is able to bring the brightness and high contrast. For the user interface, many new Sony Ericsson T700 displayed. There is a standard model and there has been equipped with Flash Lite. This allows for the Sony Ericsson T700 to bring the flash animation with wonderful effect.

For the menu structure, Sony Ericsson T700 also provides a more flexible choice of models. In addition to 3 × 4 grid format, there is also a model of rotating and single icon view. So, do not make your eyes tired. As with the Windows Mobile task manager, Sony Ericsson T700 also has an active application in the Activity menu range. What, precisely, the line indicates that the application is running. It is associated with multitasking capabilities that are supported by it.

Leading Features


As discussed earlier, the 'T' series, which means, take it and snap into the main capabilities of the Sony Ericsson T700. Ease of use features in the generation of camera is suitable for a given thumbs up. You are not familiar with the features of this phone, you can easily use it. Compare with the Cyber ​​Shot class, which operations have offered a bit more troublesome to the more professional users.

Strength of 3.2 MPx camera, the interface is adopted from the Cyber-Shot series. Including structural enhancement settings menu is also exactly the same. Interestingly, T700 camera has geotagging technology embedded in the cell-ID-based services can also be connected to the Google Maps service through additional GPS receiver.

For images, the results are not much less than the actual Cyber-Shot phone. Moreover, supported by a LED flash. However, there is no autofocus, sometimes creating images that are not produced in the focus.

Network and Internet

Compared to previous T Series, this model is slightly superior support HSDPA technology. Access to data can reach speeds of 3.6 Mbps. With this capability, Internet browsing and video streaming so fast, smooth and stable.

Surfing in cyberspace affairs, 3 Access NetFront browser to be the mainstay. And this is the type of browser that always accompanies the Sony Ericsson mobile phones.


In the media sector, the view is exactly the same interface as the Walkman series. You can access photos, music, video, RSS feeds and even the game at the same point. Support for embedded software exactly the same, there is no special.

Of audio output, Sony Ericsson T700 mobile phone is no less than music. Sounds pretty harsh, especially supported by the equalizer, Mega Bass and stereo widening. For office facilities, Sony Ericsson T700 features a remote control, which can be used for the presenter, media player and connect it to a desktop PC.


Sony Ericsson T700 Sony Ericsson phones use lithium polymer batteries as a power source. Capacity of 950 mAh. For once charging, the battery can last for 2 days. However, if too frequent use of multimedia features, including 3G/HSDPA network utilization, resulting in reduced fuel battery power dramatically.

 Ponsel Sony Ericsson T700


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