Images of the New Angry Bird

Images of the New Angry Bird
Angry Birds game maker from Finland, Rovio, Angry Birds finally officially launched the Space simultaneously throughout the world on Thursday (3/22/2012). The new challenges of this game is gravity*Although birds are angry that space, it does not mean he was just floating away. He still had a big task to destroy the green pig, which cleverly create a fortress on the planet, moon, or asteroid*To destroy it, angry birds must enter into a galaxy's gravitational field. But this is not any gravity because of the attraction / gravity in each galaxy is different and will make the birds circling*Well, gravity is unique in the galaxy that will provide gaming sensation Angry Birds differ from previous versions*
Angry birds is equipped with a new stance, and do not forget, there is a new bird that help accomplish the mission. Interestingly, all the birds dressed up with accessories that make them look more cool.
There are 60 levels are waiting for Angry Birds in Space. Game players guess the pull of duty and inclination of catapults, if your estimate is right on the green pig or even far from the target ?..
Addictive games that are ready are available for Android-based mobile devices and IOS. For users of Android, you can download Angry Birds for free on Google Space Play, while penguna IOS device can download in the App Store at a price of 0.99 U.S. dollars*Rovio also released a HD version of Angry Birds Space at a price of 2.99 U.S. dollars, but only cater to the specific iPad and Android devices*Angry Birds Space is also present for PC and Mac computers*Angry Birds Space:Google Play: Store:
Angry Birds HD Space:Google Play:App Store:


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