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Tornado accompanied by heavy rains hit the city of Mataram, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, tonight, March 17, 2012, threw the roof-tiles from the roof of the house.
Not known how severe the damage caused in the incident.
Through observation of the Village Coral VIVAnews Bedil, east of Mataram, the arrival of wind accompanied by lightning and thunder continued for several minutes. Then, the clamor to enter the halls of the township. Not long ago, a power outage.
In the past week, bad weather had indeed been attacked Mataram. Wind speeds ranging from 40 to 60 kilometers per hour.
In fact, two days ago the wind knocking down large trees and killing two people. One of the victims died was the Deputy Commander of the Detachment POM Udayana IX in Mataram, Major CPM Gelgel Winaya I Ketut Arka.
Winaya was driving the car on the road Pejanggik Avanza, one of the main streets in Mataram. When arrived in front of the West Ward Chakra, a large tamarind tree fell and hit the front of cars to wreck. Winaya trapped in the vehicle and seriously injured.
BMKG predicted winds still swept Lombok until next week. The next three days will be the pinnacle of extreme weather. Advised fishermen not to fish.
In the next three days, high waves in the waters of the NTB will reach seven meters


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