Thousands of Troops Prepared Babysitting service station

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 Thousands of Troops Prepared Babysitting service station

The following Coverage From, Makassar-refueling station for the public or the gas station and a number of points in the city of Makassar, South Sulawesi, has kept soldiers from the Military Area Command (Kodam) VII / Wirabuana. Thousands of personnel from five army battalions Wirabuana Regional Military Police will be deployed to assist in securing the protests rejected the increase in fuel prices (fuel) subsidy.

Wirabuana military command spokesman Lt. Col. Infantry Woley Yance states, as many as 5,000 personnel from various battalions will be deployed to the field. They will anticipate and address the situation of an unstable condition.

While in Cianjur, West Java, the police in maintaining a gas station. It sake anticipate the upheavals in society ahead of rising fuel prices.

At least 29 gas stations in the region Cianjur, local police put two to three members. In addition to placing officers dressed in full uniform, the police also deployed plainclothes officers. (ANS)


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