Mass filled the Proclamation Monument PDIP Start Today

Mass filled the Proclamation Monument PDIP Start Today@General Blogspot-Indonesia-News report Tegnologi Information, Entertainment, Health and Sports, Only in, Jakarta: The masses of the Democratic Party of Struggle began arriving at the Proclamation Monument in Central Jakarta. They gathered to protest fuel price hike rejected, in accordance with the instructions of the leadership of his party who opposed the government decision to raise subsidized fuel prices.

Hundreds of public transport and public transport bus parked in front of the Monument Proclamation central jakarta. PDI-P mass coming from various places in Greater Jakarta continues to pack the area. Hundreds of public transportation and bus out of town with a plate such as Bogor and Sukabumi kept coming.

Monday (26/3) Mass beratribut Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) DPD Jakarta, held a demonstration in front of the Office of the Governor of DKI Jakarta. They refused to hike subsidized fuel prices.

Rallies this time not only characterized the expression of aspiration through loudspeakers, posters, and banners rejection of rising fuel prices, but also filled with theatrical action. Massa had previously gathered at the Monument Proclamation and then convoy to the governor's office.


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