Here you go, another post!!

I'd just like to say I'm sorry about there not being any new post's in a while. I guess i've just been a little backed up.
Life has been pretty boring though. Nothing much to worry about, and nothing much to be really excited about, well apart from the fact that my family might be moving to a house that is practically at the bottom on Mt Barrow. I'm excited in a way, but then worried in another, I'm not quite sure if i want to move or not. It is a great house, but my head is still going, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk!!

School has been going pretty good lately. I'm making some more friends and laughing a lot.
At lunch times, my best friend Grace and I practically just be weird, silly and stupid!! But that is better than just sitting around doing nothing!!

As you may know, I absolutely love to dance. Dancing is practically my favourite thing to do.
At lunch times with Grace, we mostly dance, we both just love to dance.
At DanceFit, I dance on Thursdays, and Grace danced on Tuesdays, but now, she is dancing with me on Thursdays, and i have someone to talk to now!!

Last year, and all the years before that up to when i was 5, i was doing Gymnastics. I absolutely loved it and i probably loved it more than dancing, and that means that i loved it A LOT!
I started off doing it every Tuesday, then Tuesday and Thursday and the Monday and Wednesday. I got up to State 6 by the time i stopped.
The levels i were in were, Rec, Level 1, 2, 3, National 4, National 5 and State 6. And that was 8 whole years of Gymnastics.
Because i had to stop doing gymnastics and i haven't been stretching for a while, I've lost a lot of my flexibility. I used to be able to do splits and pull throughs, but now i can't, but i'm working on it. Last night i did a whole strength sheet that my previous coach gave me. (Andy) And at the end of it i tried to do some pull throughs, but they absolutely failed! But i kept trying and stretching, and eventually i did one. I was so proud of myself!
I have now made a goal for my self to stretch everyday and do that strength sheet at least twice a week. :)

After school on Friday (30th) I went into town with my mum to go and get new soccer boots because my old ones don't fit me anymore, and i am playing school soccer and club soccer this year and so i kind of need some soccer boots. I first found these really cool blue and green ones, but there were none in my size, so the man that was helping me came out with these blue Puma ones. I thought that they looked really cool and they fitted me perfectly, and so..... SOLD!! I just can't wait 'till Wednesday when i finally get to wear them at my soccer practice.

Well that is practically all from me today. Please keep reading and i'll post a new post soon!!
Bye ;)


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