Nazi War Criminal Dies in Germany

Nazi War Criminal Dies in Germany Klaas Carel Faber, who is considered as a Nazi war criminal, died in Germany in the age of 90. Faber who formerly served in a Nazi SS unit, is the second most wanted person in the list of war criminals Simon Wiesenthal Centre.

As quoted from page BBC, Sunday, May 27, 2012, Faber died on May 24 last at a hospital in Munich, southern Bavaria. The cause of death was kidney failure.

Faber was first sentenced to death in 1947 for allegedly responsible for the deaths of 22 Jews at the Westerbork camp, Netherlands. But the verdict was later changed to life imprisonment.

Men born in Haarlem, the Netherlands is then fled in 1952 and gained German citizenship. He was moved to Bavaria, where he spent the rest of his life there freely. Though the threat continues to haunt the court and extradition.

Known as Kommando Feldmeijer, Faber took the lead Nazi SS unit massacred about 50 civilians who are considered anti-German Dutch. His brother, Pieter, first executed for war crimes in 1948.

Until the end, Faber never undergo the judicial process because Germany refused to extradite him. In fact, prosecutors had planned to try him Ingolstadt in Germany.


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