Update any status via Blackberry

Update any status via Blackberry. Whenever we buy something new and expensive,we usually upload its photo or write a status on facebook to get the reactions of our friends.But by using this cool facebook prank you will convince your friends that you have purchased Ipad,Iphone5,Blackberry and many more.The best part is that you even won’t say anything but they will automatically get convinced that you have purchased these gadgets.

You can also convince your friends with your Facebook Hacking Skills.
What Can You Do With This Prank?

Whenever Somebody updates his Facebook status using Blackberry, Iphone,Ipad, Android etc the name of the device automatically gets mentioned below the status update like Via Blackberry or Via Ipad etc.It gives a very strong impression that the person who updated the status owns that gagdet.

Like I don’t own an Ipad but whoever is going to see my this facebook status will automatically assume that I have an Ipad.


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