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 Tips Before Buying a Mobile Android

Now a lot of android mobile phones, which then emerged from the inexpensive to the same price until a set of computers, but less expensive does not mean cheap and can also be called cheap.
but prices also are not tempted whom .. is not it.
Hopefully the following article can help you before you buy Mobile Android on what to consider before deciding on and you certainly do not want a new 2 months or 3 months sorry .. because as it is in the know Hp android development very quickly.
Okay .. bu not need another pig following android hp factors should we consider before buying not just a cheap price.
What factors led to the full cost limitations Android smartphone? Here's why.

1. Low-quality screen
The screen becomes important in the Android smartphone, either for navigation or to give comfort to the eye. Because, it is possible to use the Android smartphone to read.
Smartphones with HVGA resolution, under 480 x 320 pixels, do not support optimal image processing applications, entertainment. When playing games with high graphics, you will not find the thrill of the game.

2. Processor clock speed and RAM with low
A year in 2011 smartphone with dual-core processors. And in 2012, the vendor has been prepared equip their products with a quad core processor.
Consequently, the processing performance of the Android smartphone is also increasing. The developers also designed the application to the dual or quad core processor.
Thus, the Android smartphone with a single core processor is not good enough to run popular applications today.
In addition, the small size of the RAM which will hamper the performance when you need to open many applications at the same time or multitasking. To be able to run entertainment applications, 1GB of RAM to a size which is considered ideal today.

3. Poor quality of materials used
Android is expected of course do not just function, but also durability, as you will be using it for several years. Dropping the smartphone must have experienced all or even submerged in water for a while.
Smartphones are made of cheap materials is certainly more vulnerable to damage. While the screen on a smartphone that target high-end segment, most have been coated with Gorilla Glass to avoid the break and scratch resistant.

4. Unable to update the latest Android OS
Samsung are diligently to provide an update to the latest version of the Android mobile-phone product. For instance, Android 4.0 for some smartphone Galaxy. But, unfortunately, not for its low-end products.
For example, Samsung does not provide an update Android Ice Cream Sandwich to the Galaxy Ace, a fairly affordable smartphone from Samsung.
The same is also done other Android smartphone vendors. They just give update to the flagship smartphone, or perhaps because of a lack of qualified hardware to support Ice Cream Sandwich.
This is the consequence when selecting Android smartphones at cheap rates.
Android does give the option, but Android also promised much less "fun" as discussed above.
It is better you prepare for all possibilities, because the Android ecosystem is growing very fast.


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