Hanging out with the Foxies!

Lately i went on my school camp with all of the year 7 Fox. It was totally awesome and i got to spend a whole week getting to know everyone in year 7 fox. And they are totally awesome!!!!
We did heaps of stuff on camp but the best part was sitting around the camp fire and just talking. I got to know everyone really well apart from that there are these twins, Lackie and Angus, and i still can't tell them apart!!!! Everyone in Fox os really nice and they have welcomed all us newbies really well :) But there is this one Girl that i practically hung out with the whole time and her name is Grace Badcock. She is really nice and she also does dancing where i do dancing. (DanceFit) Everyone always asked us if we went to the same school last year. and we didn't. We met each other on Orientation day and have just become best friends from there!!
When we were down at the tents on camp and it was really cold Grace and I would go around dancing or turning and doing leaps!!! We couldn't stop dancing!! On camp we also got to play this game called Fingal Frisbee, it is totally awesome and when the frisbee wasn't comming our way grace and i would be dancing!!!! During camp i made heaps of new friendships and really got to know well the people that i would be with for the time that i was at Scotch.


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