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Mysterious baby who was found in Delhi, India, with bite wounds all over his body eventually die. Baby Baby named Falak was last breath after a heart attack on Thursday evening local time.

"The trigger heart attacks is still unknown. This Friday we will perform an autopsy to find a few clues to her," said neurosurgeon, dr. Deepak Aggarwal, reported the BBC, Friday, March 16, 2012.

Baby Falak condition had showed an increase after surgery five times and had even survived without the help of so called 'miracle baby'. But during the treatment, he had two heart attacks and hit by meningitis.

Babies are a pathetic condition Falak. Poor baby in the whole body there was a human bite marks. His hands were broken, and half of his head injuries, allegedly in a collision.

Before being taken to hospital by a young woman claiming to be his mother, this baby has changed hands several times. To verify the status of the mysterious woman, the police will conduct DNA tests.

Ten people arrested in the case of Baby Falak. To this day, is still unknown origin of these poor babies.


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