Facebook, the ultimate website for everyone!!
I don't get it, people can't live without it??? why?
It is just some stupid website where you post random stuff and people comment on it. Yeah well you might be able to talk to people all over the world but if your a kid there is practically no point. It is so pointless and i don't even know why i have one!! It is so dangerous and i've experienced it by reading a story about this girl and a boy that she didn't know and she told him heaps of stuff about herself, like where she lives, what school she goes to, what sports she plays, and that she is always home by herself after school. and do you know how dangerous that is? telling a complete stranger all about yourself, well it is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.
If you are going to or already have a facebook account, be very careful about what you say.

Please comment if you agree :)
But i Like facebook!!


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