Dance your heart out

Dancing is awesome, you can express how you feel and tell a whole story just by dancing. Dancing is an awesome feeling, and sometimes you feel like you're flying.
I do dancing a a dance school called Dancefit, and it is totally awesome. Dancefit is a noncompetitive dance school where you just dance for fun. I encourage anyone who loves to dance but doesn't want to compete in competitions and stuff like that, to join Dancefit.
I love Dancefit, and sometimes the dance school performs in stuff like the Women's 5 K run, the christmas parade and the relay for life. And it is so fun and really awesome. When we perform at those events we have a whole school dance that everyone does, and we have a completely new one this year. It is really fun and the songs are just awesome but the problem is that i haven't learnt it yet and it is really annoying me because i really want to know it and my whole dance group learnt it when i was on my school camp and i didn't get to learn it, and then in the last 2 weeks we have just done it and no one has actually thought it to me :( But i know most of it.
My best friend and i always seem to dance at lunch times and it is so fun when we dance at school, because we do it when no one's watching and then we do completely random stuff and crack up laughing!!
I love Dancing!!


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