8 Unique Facts Behind the kiss

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Kiss has always been a ritual to start the beginning of intercourse. The more hot kiss, the passion that caused also higher.

This activity saves a lot of interesting facts. Did you know that the kiss was not just create a warm relationship but it can also burn calories. Want to know more facts? Here are 8 facts the meaning behind the kiss as reported Boldsky.com:

A. Kissing for one minute can burn 26 calories in the body. So, you need not bother to come to the gym to burn calories.

2. Only 7 percent of men who keep her eyes open while kissing that 93 percent of men and close his eyes while kissing.

3. During kissing, a man would visualize women are more in mind.

4. Another fact shows, kiss with the same hair color would be more passionate and warm feel.

5. In Egypt, has a different style kisses like most. They are more accustomed to kiss with the nose, compared to the lips.

6. When the middle of the century in Italy, the couple kissed look, will be punished, they should marry the person they kiss.

7. With a kiss you can also prevent wrinkles on the skin. This is because the facial muscles to work more actively while kissing.

8. Do not try to kiss indiscriminate in three Asian countries, like Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan. Because this region prohibits kiss in public.

This is a unique facts about kissing. So, how much you kiss today?


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