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sebut aja cerita yang sebelumnya aku buat itu gila.aku lagi gak waras banget tadi.dan yaah... meskipun kecewa Johan Series nya abis,tapi aku ga sebegitu gilanya sampe-sampe harus ngerusak karya kak Lexie the way,aku lagi jatuh cinta.dan...aku pengen buat surat cinta,cukup di perlihatkan di blog aja.

For ,the most I liked.

Hai,you don't know me of course,and me too. maybe this can sound silly. but it's real.
I Like You .for the first time our meet.
You change my opinion about "first love for first sight".
I'll never believed about that . so stupid hear my friends talking about "first love for first sight".
yeah,but it's happened to,who change my opinion.

After look you to playing traditional music,I like when you know that I am looking at you.
and I like when you so brave to look me back. Other my friends can never to look me back when I look their eyes .Oh,I know you was whispered that I am so stupid.

I live at East Jakarta.When my mother tell me that she has some agenda which must make me very queasy,I'll never mind .I think that this program not showing the an appreance who very awesome.
Whe you walk with you'r friends,I don't look you.But after you sit and enjoyed the music,I started to love you.You have magnetism who make me fall in love.

Oh yeah,my name is Azzahra and you can call me Ara.I am eleven years old and maybe can twelve on third of February.I don't know how old are you.Maybe you are one or two years below me.
But anyone think it?

I also don;t know you'r name.and..would you to tell you'r name?and how old are you?
If you younger than me,you think I get pedophylia?no, have big wrong.
I was listen from my bestfriend if my other friend get date to junior at third-class.
But this is silly and they have break.

Sorry,I'll talking about my friend.haha..
In this letter,I just submit that I have loved you.
And I hope you have the same feeling.

I hope we're will meet somedays.Amin.
Oh yeah,if you confused why I tell  you with English language,I am Indonesian and I am muslim :)

With laugh,Ara.xx

mungkin aneh kedengarannya aku gatau umur dia berapa,tapi aku yakin umurnya gak akan jauh dari aku.
so,no CoPas guys!xxo :D


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