Gemscool Game Portal Pertama Di Indonesia

 Gemscool Game Portal Pertama Di Indonesia@
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 Gemscool Game Portal Pertama Di Indonesia

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Member is a portal specifically set up the first Games in Indonesia. Games are available on the portal is made ​​up of online games and multiplayer online games all of which belong to the type of free online games. Perhaps because so many people free games online like in this portal.

Register menyedikan many multiplayer games are very popular with gamers community and Indonesia, such as Point Blank, Yulgang, Atlantica, Lost Saga, Mako, Freestyle Street Basketball and others. If you are a gamers are good at playing games in Counter Strike now you try to play in games where the point blank that these games share a similar mission and vision. The difference if counter strike mostly played by people outside of Indonesia, PB (Point Blank) is more widely played by people of Indonesia.

How you can start playing these free online games? If you are interested to play sort-macm games on this portal, you must register in advance to ensure you have an account Register. As the name implies free online games then this account you can get it for free if you want to play different games warcraft dota must first have a current ID DOTA paid.

Member Account mutliplay serves, in addition to log into online games portal also to log into the forum Register and also fill the G-Cash. Diforum that you will get lots of information about downloading the latest games, info perekah games, guidance on how to fill G-Cash for beginners and so on. G-Cash or Cash Register function is to buy weapons, items and so on to support the game of online games. Well, them know why the Member is a free online games? Because his income aside from sponsors as well as from the sale of G-Cash.
In addition to setting up G-Cash Register was also providing G-Booster that works to facilitate the user in downloading, updating, installing, playing games quickly, in contrast to no wear G-Booster.
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