he found a real sunshine as well

happy 7th months anniversary, oppa-eonni! {}
hahaha they'll slap me if they know i called them like this, ijdc hahaha
so glad to see you both still together, hopefully.. i won't ever see you both...... i think you know what i mean.
since, my big-dumb-brother found his 'truly' girlfriend, it's like he found a real sunshine on his own life hahaha and my relationship as sister and brother getting closer, oh cool! but the important one, remember! he found the real sunshine as well! -yes, he's gonna kick me- hahaha. like i don't want to stop saying if he found the real sunshine, because seems like he could make a difference between the time to sleep and time to get up, he could understand what should he do when the sky goes dark and bright ;p iheartyou abang{} if you ask me why i said 'truly', it's because i've never seen how upset and anxious himself, when he got trouble with his girlfriend, and i do love see him that way. no matter. about his girlfriend, emm.. i feel like 'yap', she's cool, she's insane, or kind of it hahaha she could be my place to share my story, since she met my brother, and the awesome one when i knew, she doesn't like this " :) " while texting, she thought it's nasty, either am i. hahahahaha. iheartyou kaka{} longlast!


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