The Wonderful game of....... Soccer!!

Yesterday, i played soccer!!
I play soccer for the Launceston Soccer Club, and this year they put me in an under 16 team and i am only 12 years old!
2 years ago i played in an all girls team in under 13, but then last year there weren't enough girls to start a new girls team so they put me in an under 11 boys team. It was quite a change going from the big fields to just a tiny little field, but i soon got used to it. I was pretty easy playing in under 11. There weren't as many rules and the umpires weren't so tough on you, but now, i am in an under 16 team with girls in year 9 and 10, who are way taller than me, way stronger than me, and way better than me, but not as fast as me! Yesterday, i was running for my life. I think that i was running as fast as i could... but it all payed off in the end. :)
Yes our team didn't win, but we all tried our absolute best, and our goalie had never even played soccer before!
I love soccer and soon these other girls, who are taller, stronger and better players than me, are going down!


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