It's Me......

Some of you might actually be wondering who i am.
Well, i am a person in grade 7 at Scotch Oakburn College and i am 12 years old. My birthday is on the 6th of August and here is a little more info about me......

My name is Katie Elizabeth Spilling and i am awesome. I love Gymnastics, Dancing, Soccer, Music, bouncing on the trampoline and mostly hanging out with friends :) I was born in Huonville, Hobart, and moved to launceston when i was about 2. I also love to sing, my friends think that i'm really good :) When i'm playing soccer, i love to play when it is raining and muddy because it makes it more fun :)
My previous school was Norwood Primary School. I didn't really like it there much, well at least not as much as i like Scotch.....!
I love music and especially playing my trumpet and the saxophone. I have been playing the trumpet since grade 3 (5 years) and i just started playing the saxophone in the school music program. My teacher thinks that i'm really good and want to move me up to the advanced band because he thinks that i'm too good for the other players, and i've only been playing the saxophone for about 8 days!!!!
I also just love to listen to music, especially pop music, but none with swearing!!! And so that means that my ipod mostly consists of One Direction, and Justin Bieber!!!
I also just love to snug down and read a book, i have found a new interest in reading lately and i can't seem to be able to stop myself! I love it! I mostly enjoy adventure and mystery books :)
Here are some photo's of me so you can know what i look like:

                                                                    This is me getting ready for school  ^
                                                                                      I was bored!!!!!! ^
                                                                                      Random!!!!!!! ^
                                                       My sister stole my phone and took a picture of herself!!!!!! ^
                                            This is me a while ago when my family and me went down to Hobart ^
                                                                                           I was bored again!! ^

I hope that you liked getting to know me a bit better. :D
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