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Doug Briney - More Than Just A Farm Lyrics

Freckle face little guy, came flyin' up the drive-Mom and daddy taggin' right behind
City folk, head to toe, momma's fancy high heel broke-Yeah, I'd seen it all before a million times
They asked, "can he ride the tractor, Can he pet that cow with horns"
Well, I laughed real loud, set him on my plow and told him all about the farm

It was my daddy's and my grandpa's
That 'ole barn's where I stole my first kiss
It's my past and my future
It's my home
And where I raise my kids
My bloods in every acre
And I've planted every seed
When I die it's where I'll rest in peace
Yeah, it's more than just a farm to me

Skinny as a rubber band, whisker face and summer tan, that boy came back to work my
Grandpa's land
Hands got rough, he got tough, made of the right stuff, that high school boy grew into a man
My fam'ly gave him 20 acres, on the day he took his bride
He cried out loud, said, "I'll make you proud, cause you're the man who changed my life...when
you said

Repeat chorus

Then he said, every night I'll kneel to God and pray
Someday my own grandson will say

Repeat chorus

It's more than just a farm
It's more than just a farm to me
Hey, ey, ey

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