23 & 16 ♥

storytelling for today was fun! 
i will eat you 'icon' ;p bismilah bismilah
aniwei, GOD is cool ;) yesterday, i texted with 'his' mom, and she's asking deep apology if her son was broke my heart, and i said, well, i accepted his apology aunty and everything is cool....hwhwhw even i wanna say i miss him, a lot. and then, it's about hidung. the distance is so close. but, idk why i miss her, i felt 'sedikit agak lumayan jauh' hehe, feels told me. i texted her, and then she replied and kind.... 'cool' or absolutely? idk. i'm sorry if i did some mistakes (again). the ice cube will melt, the ice cube will melt! i miss you both, close or far, i miss you both. ♥


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