twins quality time: canceled! / getwellsoon mommie :[

decided to having quality time with my sweetest twin ever today{} but failed :( so sorry. i just canceled what i've been waiting for so long, because of my sweetest mommie got sick, well... you know i couldn't stay calm with every bad situation of her. GETWELLSOONMYHERO{} ILOVEYOU:( yaAllah please take care of her, bless her always. went to siloam hospital, me and vinix accompany mom as always. of course, vinix and i took some silly pics, em mommie, too. the dr said if mommie has to come to another dr tomorrow, well, i've made a plan to TWINS quality time again actually (tmorrow) and i know what should i do, agaaiiihhhhnnnn. cancel. cancel. pfffftttttt. that's okay, teteh understood at all! 


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