confession :|

seems like it happened to me more than twice, yeah! idk why actually-_-
remember, when i saw disney series, i fell in love with selena gomez (rightnow: huek) as alex on wizard of waverly place, i thought she was cute and hillarious! my mom said "look, she's cuter than alex", mommie just asked me to see miley, and you know what? i said "she has a terrible teeth" and, the world gimme a reprimand, world is spinnin around, i do love miley and don't ask me about selena huahahah <3

it happened again-__- dda-ddamn
i always said if i can't make any differences between these 13 guys, they're too cute to be guys, they're too pretty! dda-ddamn! world gimme a reprimand, spinnin around ah-gain! hahahaha <3 it's because my buddy, agnes, asked me and another friend to watch "intimate note", one of their reality show, and suddenly, i fell in love with them! super-junior!

i do like!
i do love 3 of them!
see on next-post! <3


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