One Thing from One Direction News (Acoustic Video)

One Direction's One Thing from One Direction News
One Direction perform "One Thing" and don't you just love their version of this song. The One Direction boy Group have been together for over a year now since coming to fame following their appearance in the X Factor UK final. They have a loyal and broad fan base and have worked tirelessly since being formed into a band by the X Factor Judges. They have toured worldwide and continue to do so showing their commitment and hard work. The size of their fan group is rising rapidly as the boys become a phenomenon in the world of music, and continue to generate lots of One Direction News.
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One Direction sing One Thing acoustic

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Zayn Malik of One Direction kissing who.....leave answers below!

This video should play in all countries. Flipped video so people in other countries are able to see it
One direction are still on tour at this moment in time and their are reports of tickets selling out really quickly. There have been huge crowds as people have been trying to purchase tickets to see One Direction live and Managers and promoters have been extremely pleased with the response of fans.
What are your thoughts on this fantastic band and do you have any One Direction News. Have you seen them live or do you have any photos? Let us know your thoughts and opinions.
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