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One Direction News is made as the 1Direction boys TV program "A Year In The Making" is screened on TV
Here at One Direction News we have been amazed by 1 Direction as they have become an international phenomena in such a short time. Following their appearance in the X Factor and making the final, they have come a long way in the past year.  The lads were put together as a band by the X Factor Judges and came third in the final, yet they have arguably had the most success so far from the show. They give hope to runners up everywhere and they allow the young of today to dream that their dreams can come true too. They have also helped ensure their is a constant stream of One Direction news to help market themselves by their sheer hard work.
They have been incredibly successful in the charts with their chart releases and have surprised many from the show that first brought them their fame.
The past year has been filmed and documented and made into a program for ITV 2 called One Direction A Year In The Making. It follows Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn all across the United Kingdom witnessing the hysteria as they launch their debut single. The film crew travel with them and help make the One Direction News as they jet across to Europe and see the massive impact they are having overseas, and return home with them to reflect on their new lives. This is a funny, sometimes exciting, and at many times a very moving and poignant film. It documents how the 5 teenagers cope when their world changes around them.

One Direction and their TV program A Year In The Making

One Direction A Year in The Making - Part 1
One Direction documentary telling the story so far, from being unknown schoolboys to household names in a matter of months. - Follow me on Twitter @OneDirection666


Continuation of One Direction documentary telling the story so far and getting more and more interesting all the time. The program was filmed over the last year as the lads became one of the biggest names in the music industry of 2011 and 2012, and the world craved more One Direction News.


One Direction News brings you this video revealing the story so far, and it's going to get better!

One Direction - Year in The Making - Part 4

One Direction News - 1 Direction have a heart, a soul and are really nice lads.

Another great site is
One Direction are the greatest boy band this century.
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