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The Latest One Direction News Reveals 1Direction Take A Break From Tour Rehearsals With Shopping Trip

The latest One Direction news is that the boy band have been spotted taking a well-deserved break from their tour rehearsals to enjoy a bit of late-night shopping. Boy band stars Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik were photographed picking up some supplies at a Tesco store last night ... Read more on Capital FM
The Latest One Direction News regarding their tour
The Latest One Direction News - The band want to work with Dappy on their second albumOne Direction's Liam Payne - who we like to think of as the voice of all sense and reason that sounds a bit like Gazza Bazza - has revealed that the boys are keen to get Dappy on their second album. We assumed he meant as a novelty, but turns out he ... Read more on Sugarscape
The Latest One Direction News about Harry Styles: Liam Payne shampoos his eyebrowsOne Direction are back to doing what they do best - revealing embarrassing secrets about each other on Twitter. Liam Payne, 18, has beome the latest victim of the boys' banter with cheeky Harry Styles informing fans how his band mate manages to stay ... Read more on Teen Now Magazine
One Direction fans love Liam Payne's girlfriend Danielle PeazerApart from the fact we really, really envy Liam Payne's girlfriend, Danielle Peazer, we really, really don't envy LiamPayne'sgirlfriendDaniellePeazer. The poor girl gets a lot of hate on Twitter from batshiz mental One Direction fans who would probably ... Read more on Sugarscape 

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